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So, I was just checking my site stats on Wordtabulous and saw that my second Unmentionables Post was referred by en.wordpress.com/tag/underwear. I clicked on the link and was routed to a page of posts that were tagged “underwear” and I happened to be on the first page because my post was one of the twenty-five most recently posted. I found a mom blog post (10 Things I Said This Week)  and looked at that, which was cute. I found out that in the UK today (or maybe yesterday) was National Underwear Day. And then I clicked on the Featured Blog (Derek Atlas) thinking it must be special if it was featured, and well–it was–but not the kind of special I go looking for, especially with my family roaming about behind me. It wasn’t graphic but somewhat excessively informative. 

My point? The tags are helpful, but it makes for interesting company. 
I look at tags the way Captain Jack Sparrow looks at the Pirate Code: they’re more just guidelines, really. For example, on 50% of the posts on my blog “Hot off the Wire”, I use the tag “humor”. Humor is subjective; I think they’re funny but that doesn’t mean everybody else does. I often wonder when blogging just how many tags should you use? Enough so that interested people can find your blog but not so many that the reader says, “My God, did she use ever other word as a TAG?” It’s a balancing act, to be sure. And I have to say, I’m surprised to hear so many people were blogging about underwear.