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I saw a really awesome movie today!
Was this the one you messaged me about?
Yes, I am in danger of becoming THAT woman. The woman who watches movies by day, and fills her time with personal grooming, and the acquisition of goods. Fortunately, I have a terrible fear of uselessness, so that will never happen. The movie was “My Life Without Me.”
Who was in it and what’s it about? Besides the obvious as referenced in the title.
It was about a very young wife and mother who finds out she is dying, and keeps it a secret from her family and friends as she prepares for death by leaving messages for her family and fulfills a list of things to do before dying. It stars a woman who reminds me of a brown-haired Uma Thurman and one of the actors that I always think is John Leguizamo, but isn’t.
O.K., you’ll have to do better than that. John Leguizamo is always clearly himself although no matter who he plays, I always instantly equate him with the sloth from the Ice…aw, hell, what are those movies called? You know, with Denis Leary as the lion and Ray Romano as the mammoth?
“Ice Age!” John was GREAT in that! No, this is the guy who was in The Kids Are Alright. He also reminds me a little of the guy who was in “Dinner For Schmucks” and “I Love You Man”. Like a combination of the two guys. BTW Leary was a Saber-Toothed Tiger, but never mind.
Lions, tigers, bears…oh my, are you confusing Mark Ruffalo with Paul Rudd? Because Paul Rudd was a perfect foil for Phoebe on “Friends” but Ruffalo, while talented, could never have pulled that off. Although he did a pretty good “Thriller” in that time travel movie with Jennifer what’s-her-name who is married to that friend of Matt Damon’s.
Rudd was in “Friends?” Yes! Ruffalo! Mark Ruffalo! I LOVE Mark Ruffalo. He was in “The Time Traveler’s Wife?”
No, no, no…that was Eric Bana, wasn’t it? The actor who played the “Incredible Hulk” in the version with the terrible special effects, not the good one that starred the guy who tried to screw over Mark Wahlberg in the “Italian Job.” Which reminds me – we should rent Mini Coopers and drive them through a sewer sometime.
Okay, I know this one, the guy who screwed over Mark Wahlberg was Ed Norton! But what time travel movie are you talking about? Mini Coopers now come convertible! Not for the sewers though. Eww.
I should have been more specific. It was “13 going on 30” or vice versa, which I’ve always considered to be like the chick version of “Big” only not as funny except for Judy Greer who is fantastically funny no matter what she’s in.
I don’t know who that is. But it was definitely “13 Going on 30.” I think, between the two of us, we would make one perfect movie fan. 
That’s because when it comes to movies, we just know what we’re talking about…