Kelly and Lynnette have been friends since September 1985, when they met as sophomores on 2nd Floor East in Mathews Hall at South Dakota State University. Kelly was the witty, temperamental Journalism major with “a Past,” and Lynnette was the Psych major who hung with the theater crowd and was the new Resident Assistant on the floor. It took awhile for them to realize how well they balanced each other but once they did, they became best friends and later roommates and are still close friends 26 years later. 

Over the past few years both have been pounding away at their writing efforts and in a dark spot Lynnette complained, “I hate everything I am doing; the only fun I am having right now is emailing you. We should publish this.” And here we are. You’ll find as you follow our blog that we are eerily similar yet distinctly different, almost like one person with a split personality, but not scarily Sybil or anything like that. Although if we were two people inhabiting the same body, we’d use Lynnette’s because she eats right and works out. Unless we were doing something dangerous, then we would use Kelly’s because she has better health insurance. Oh yeah, one more thing: so you can more easily keep track of who’s who in our posts, Lynnette’s comments will appear in italics and Kelly’s will appear in regular type. This is our world, our friendship – welcome to it!


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